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No Pain, No Gain )

Ranjeet’s favourite phrase is “no pain, no gain” which he says again as he pushes his fingers through the tension in my back. I scream. This is a massage like no other I’ve ever had. He reaches deep into my soul, pressing various points on my back: “this is stress, this is depression, this is sadness, this is insecurity”. It is only our first session, and he has barely begun to work on the levels of stress that are built up in the tendons and muscles in my body. What a fool Descartes was, I think, as the excruciating pain hits again. How could anyone come up with such a wrong headed idea as thinking that the mind and body are separate things when its so clear that our feelings and emotions are woven into the very fabric of our body?

Of course, philosophers have been debating this problem for ever – they call it The Mind-Body Problem, and Descartes is just the most famous to state that mind is separate from body. I wonder whether Descartes would have come up with the same philosophy had he met Ranjeet? He may have said that the pain was just information being sent from his body, but it is much harder to explain how complex feelings such as insecurity and depression are linked to specific places in the body in such a reciprocal way. The direct experience of Ranjeet reaching into my body and releasing these feelings is like being at one with my pain. “Sweet sweet pain, you can cry if you want,” he says, but there’s no time to think, I just howl.

By the end of the session I am shattered, but with a great sense of relief. As the day goes on, more negative feelings emerge, along with some nasty looking bruises. Also many questions: If our stress and sadness is in our body then is our joy, compassion and love also there? Are there ways we can tap into our positive feelings in the way Ranjeet taps into the negative ones? Perhaps joy and compassion are our natural states, but are obscured by the layers of stress?

These are important questions. Our world is facing a huge lack of love, compassion and joy. The body of society is twisted and contorted with insecurity, depression and sadness. We are badly in need of releasing this. If we do not, then it will come out in very ugly ways. Whether the mind is separate from the body will most likely never be solved as a philosophical problem, but with the help of people like Ranjeet we may be able to free ourselves from our emotional problems. It will hurt, but “no pain, no gain”.

Источник: http://www.spiritualnomads.co.uk/short-story/mind-body-no-pain-no-gain/ 


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